About Us

Evi Simjan was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan to a Serbian mother and a Macedonian father. She knew from an early age that fashion, specifically shoes, would one day be her future.  


Evi Simjan is a luxury shoe designer who is changing the way women wear high heels by making chic, sexy footwear that is as comfortable as it is beautiful. Evi’s designs also feature athletic-style cushioning, making them the most comfortable heels you will ever wear. The essential elements of the Evi Simjan designs are custom made in Italy. Evi works side by side with the masters to create the perfect lasts (the backbone of the shoes), heels, and soles for each design.  Together they found the right balance of sexy and sensual while adding great comfort with each design. The lasts are designed to follow the natural pitch or arch of a women’s foot. Beautiful, soft, supple leathers are also instrumental in making these beautiful shoes.


Evi has taken all those elements to Macedonia, to her father’s homeland. Through research and her enduring passion for shoes, she found that her family’s homeland has a rich history of quality shoemaking. There, they handmake each pair of shoes: not a stitch out of place. With exceptional Italian components and fine Macedonian craftsmanship, shoemaking has evolved into the work of art that is Evi Simjan.